Cellulosic Ethanol Production Plant

Highlights 2011 Rosenblad 316 stainless steel Lamella plate style vapor compression evaporator with Flakt Woods turbofan MCR compressor, 88,000 CFM – 165,00 PPH @ 196⁰ F capacity, 2,700 HP 4,000V electric drive with soft start and hydraulic auto lube system 96″ OD X 30′ Hastelloy hydrolysis reactor, 10 trays X 24″ OC, (4) vertical baffles […]

Hydrogen Fuel Cell R&D Lab

PEM stack hydrogen fuel cell testing station with Dynaload RBL 232 4,000 Watt load bank, anode/cathode saturation tanks, Wavetech RMS 225A multi-meter, Grunfrost high output water pumps with de-ionizers and holding tank, dual heat exchangers, Omega electronic flow controllers, GTR flow meters, Dynamatic selonoid valves, universal connectors and patch panels, PC computer controls Hydrogen reformation […]

Liquid Shoe Polish Processing and Filling Facility

New Kiss stainless steel 6 head ELF line (never installed) (2) Stainless Steel 12 head rotary ELF lines Packmaster case former, packer & sealer Jones horizontal tube packer and sealer Nissan 4,500# LP fork lift (very low hours) Stainless steel mixing tanks Stainless steel steam jacket tanks Vibratory feeders, inserters and conveyor

United States Government Department of Defense

3-Day Auction: Oct. 24-26, 2006 Inspection By Appointment Only on Oct. 19-20, 2006 Extensive selection and case-lot quantities of Electrical, plumbing, and gas fitting supplies including electric panels and cabinets, breakers, cable, connectors and hangers, valves, fittings, seals, fluorescent and halide bulbs, fasteners, hardware, and more! REMOVAL: All items will be removed and loaded for […]

7.2 Million Gallon Per Year Biodiesel Refinery

**All equipment 2007 and newer** Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Horizontal Storage Tanks, up to 10,000 Gallons 2007 Oxymat Continuous Flow Nitrogen Generator Advantage Water Chiller Stainless Steel Shell-Tube and Plate Heat Exchangers Packaged Steam Boilers Eurotech Biodiesel Washing System Biodiesel Experts Stainless Steel Processing Unit AI Raider Water Diffusion Radon Abatement System (3) ACE-Rotomold […]