Complete Sesame Seed Processing Facility

Real Estate Available for Purchase Contact Rabin for Purchasing Information 415-522-5700 Seed Roasting & Cooling In 2021, the facility installed a new roasting system consisting of (10) individual batch roasters with automation to operate as a continuous batch system.  Details include: Design production capacity is approximately 2,500 lbs./hr. Roasters are manufactured by Gumus (Turkey). (12) […]

Confectionery Production & Packaging Equipment

Please Click Here for Day 1 Catalog Please Click Here for Day 2 Catalog Preliminary Plant Listing Includes: Gum Mixing, Forming & Packaging Lines (partial listing) (10) Baker Perkins 100-gal double arm jacketed mixers, 30 to 50 hp (5) Ball forming lines with pre-kneaders, extruders, formers & coolers Chiclet line with Gimbel extruder, 4 roll […]

Indoor Aquaponic Vertical Farming Plant

HIGHLIGHTS Mayer – Visser Horti Systems Seeding Line (new 2020) Mayer Soil/hopper/aggregator and model 6012 soil mixer Visser twin station tray filling machine with conveyor to seeder Visser Roullette XL inline seeding system with dust off segment Visser nail bed dibbling unit with Vermiculite dispensing & watering Stainless infeed conveyor to dosing unit with raft […]

Specialty Food Producer of Tortilla Chips and Snacks

Packaging (2) Hayssen Model 12-16 HR & ST 12-16HR Baggers (2) Yamato Dataweigh Model ADW-223R & ADW-221R/500, 12 Head Scales (2) Allen Model BED41874 “C” type & BED45577 “S” Type Bucket Elevators (2) Hayssen Pack Off Turntables All Food Equipment 2-Zone, 36′ Cooling Conveyor Casa Herrera & Heat & Control Cooling Conveyors Asst. Allen & […]

Late Model Chocolate Chip, Protein Bar & Cookie Dough Mfg. Facility – Complete Closure – Most Equipment New 2019-2022

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR A PRELIMINARY ASSET LIST Bar Forming & Chocolate Depositing Lines 2021 Chocolate Chip Depositing Line, with Hacos Samm-Fill chocolate depositor, LIMAQ model LTF-100 chocolate tempering unit, and LIMAQ cooling tunnel, measuring approximately 42” wide x 42’ long. Extruded Bar Line featuring VEMAG HP-10C vacuum filler-extruder, Chocotech type S-80 cooling tunnel, approx. […]

Fresh Meal Kit Distributor

Important Sale Update: When Rabin Worldwide/Capital Recovery Group, LLC received the appointment from Hello Fresh to conduct this auction, they indicated a majority of the Crown material handling fleet was owned and would be included in the auction.  This past week, we were contacted by Crown Credit that all Crown equipment, with the exception of […]

Boutique Herbal Tonic Blending and Bottling Company

Like-New Cold Press Line 2019  14-Valve In-Line Filler/Capping Line Tilting Frame Hydrostatic Bladder Presses Lee Double Wall Steam Jacketed Mixing Tanks Steam Jacketed Kettles Machine Tools & Maintenance Equipment Portable Tanks Labeling & Packaging Equipment Air Compressors & Steam Generator Benchtop Scales, Piston Filler, and Brewing Kettles Refrigeration Equipment Huge Selection of Stainless Steel Tables, […]