Ultra-Modern Plastic Flexible Pocket and Sleeve Manufacturer

(2) Like New  Kiefel “Pocketmaster” KSV-630 thermoforming  and HF welding/sealing lines with die cutting and notching stations, hot stamp and registration, Branson RF vertical ultrasonic welders, auto registration, 3 stand turret unwind, side feed insert unwind, and extensive tooling Sterling 3 ½”  Poly-Bag extrusion line with extensive tooling and extrusion dies, film roller and surface […]

Late Model Extrusion and Thermoforming Facility

Plastic Extruders, Thermoformers & Roll Formers DAVIS-STANDARD (2000) 130MM45HT 5” plastic extruder DAVIS-STANDARD 45IN45HT 4.5” plastic extruder WELEX 4.5 30:1 RHV 4.5” plastic extruder DAVIS-STANDARD 35IN35 3.5” plastic extruder (3) LYLE INDUSTRIES 240FM 150 ton thermoformers (2) DAVIS-STANDARD 44” sheetline chill roll formers Pre-Heater & Trim Presses LYLE INDUSTRIES (2012) 140-PHV 8-zone sheet pre-heater (2) […]

Mold Making Plastic Injection Molding

Injection Molding Machines (2) 2001 Cincinnati Milacron Vector CH-280-R  rotary table vertical injection molding machine, 280 Ton, 32 Oz. shot, 60” rotary table, CAMAC VSX controls 2000 Engel ES300/150VHRB rotary table vertical injection molding machine, 150 Ton, 21 Oz. 48” rotary table CNC Machining & Precision Grinding Clausing Metosa EL 1565CS CNC lathe, 15” swing […]

Injection Molders & Factory Support Equipment

Chillers 237-Ton Roof Mounted Chiller (on Roof) with (2) Liqui-Chill Tanks and Controls Trane RAUCD104PQ Chiller, S/N C09B12412 (Outside) Temp-Tek CF-5W Chiller, Portable TUC CS-5WC Chiller Resin Delivery System Central Resin Delivery System with (2) Mould-Tek PPF-240-60 Central Filters and (2) Mould-Tek VP-1000 Vacuum Pumps Injection Molders Nissei FS160S36AE Injection Molding Machine, S/N S16N134 (1994) […]

Major Blow Molding Operation

Manufacturing Department Highlights: (11/2010) Nissei Mod. ASB-70DPH, Biaxial Stretch Orientation Blow Molder, 8-Cavity, 4-Blow, w/ Pro-Face Controls, Mod. 35 Injection Unit S/N 1364, Hopper/Feeder, (1992) Walton Stout Mod. WSD-185-Hi-Heat, Vacuum Loader S/N 5799-A1-2-02, (2) Sterlco Mod. F6016-MX 400 Degree Temp Controllers.  S/N 329A60983 (2006) Nissei Mod. PF8-4B, Biaxial Stretch Orientation Blow Molder, 8-Cavity, 4-Blow w/ […]

OEM & Rebuilder of Plastic Processing Equipment

 Underwater Pelletizing Line 4-1/2″ Underwater pelletizer line Twin & Single Screw Extruders 10″ 54:1, 1500 HP, Extruder base stands, holders, for barrel feed housing, w/ s/s screw (incomplete) 10″ 54:1 Extruder base, gear box, w/barrel 72mm Twin screw extruder barrel only & base Tapered screw extruder w. fluid bed dryer Spin, Rotary, & Flake Dryers […]

Polystyrene & Thermoplastic Resin Manufacturing Plant

3,000 USG SS cold water spiral jacketed  primary storage tank with 25 HP agitator, (2) additive pumps, Foxboro digital flow controls 9,000# capacity CS 4 zone reactor tank, full agitator with top and bottom hydraulic drives, 250 PSI @ 500 O F capacity,  reverse flow system with return pumps (2) 7,000 CS 3 zone reactor […]

Late Model Injection Molding Operation

Injection Molding Machines 2002 Cincinnati Magna MH850-105 injection molding machine, 850 ton, 105 Oz. shot, 56” X 50” platen, 72” stroke, with Whittmann W643 6-axis CNC robot, X = 800 mm., y = 2,400 mm., z = 3,500 mm., with Teachbox pendant controls (2) 2000 Cincinnati Magna MH600-105 injection molding machines, 600 Ton, 105 Oz. […]