Thriving Through Federal Government Complexities

The Challenge:  Working with the Federal Government can be tricky.  Working for a Government Contractor adds another layer of complexity, making the project even trickier.  Like the old child’s game of “telephone”, all government regulations, restrictions on sales, export regulations, homeland security clearances, and related issues need to be dealt with before, during and after the asset disposition process.

Since 9-11-2001, CRG has worked diligently with major government contractors on military bases and installations across the country.  In 2014, we were involved in a complex Auction-Private Treaty liquidation for a government contractor involving five different sites, three agencies including the Defense Department, and the DOE (nuclear), all requiring sophisticated levels of security and monitoring.  Assets ran the gamut from extremely close tolerance CNC machining centers and strategic metals, to which the government restricted inspection and access, to construction and earth moving equipment, pumps, motors, and valves, all the way down to janitorial supplies.

The Solution:  CRG was engaged by a uranium enrichment and gaseous diffusion facility, for multiple projects requiring the disposition of surplus assets related with the shutdown of the  facilities.

The Result:  Our team worked with all stakeholders to develop inspection plans involving vetting and verifying citizenship for prospective buyers, scheduling inspections and viewings to correspond with limited access, and adhering to all conditions involving the differing needs of each government agency.  Following the completion of all sales, our accounting department worked with the government auditors and the contractor to balance each and every expense, to the penny, coming in under budget.