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It Was More Than a Crumby Deal…

The Challenge:  When a major CA private equity real estate investor purchased the remaining real estate and equipment assets from the Hostess Bankruptcy in late 2013 for $62.5 MM., their first hurdle was to liquidate all of the machinery and equipment in (8) commercial bakeries, (120) distribution centers, maintenance garages, and retail outlets, and 3,400 truck […]

The Need For Speed – Selling Penske Auto Service Centers

The Challenge:  CRG/Rabin was retained to thoroughly decommission 606 Penske Auto Service Centers that were attached to Kmart  department stores located throughout the United States … this entire project had a time-line of approximately 90 days.  The Project Scope ….personal property (equipment) in each and every service center needed to be sold and removed and each facility required cleanup… proceeds […]

Working for the government in a post 911 world….

Bechtel National was hired by the US Department of Defense to construct the largest mustard gas neutralization and disposal plant in the world, to be located at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland.  The design was developed as a two phase project.  Phase II began just prior to September 11, 2001.  Following the attacks in NY, DC, and PA, the […]

Helping Rexam Make the Most of Their Machinery & Equipment

When  Rexam, a large international manufacturer of plastics products decided to close one of their facilities, they called CRG to facilitate the plant closure and liquidate the assets.  Their primary interest was to maximize their return on the assets, so that they could re-invest  in other operations. We recognized that with over 100 remaining plants worldwide, maximizing returns came […]

Thriving Through Federal Government Complexities

The Challenge:  Working with the Federal Government can be tricky.  Working for a Government Contractor adds another layer of complexity, making the project even trickier.  Like the old child’s game of “telephone”, all government regulations, restrictions on sales, export regulations, homeland security clearances, and related issues need to be dealt with before, during and after the […]

What’s in a Smith & Wesson name?

When Smith & Wesson issued an RFP to financial institutions and investment banks for a new line of credit, CRG was retained by one of the largest asset based lenders in the world to provide the orderly liquidation value for all company personal property assets. We recognized that the tangible assets, machinery and equipment, raw material, finished product, and […]