The Need For Speed – Selling Penske Auto Service Centers

The Challenge:  CRG/Rabin was retained to thoroughly decommission 606 Penske Auto Service Centers that were attached to Kmart  department stores located throughout the United States … this entire project had a time-line of approximately 90 days.  The Project Scope ….personal property (equipment) in each and every service center needed to be sold and removed and each facility required cleanup… proceeds needed to be guaranteed. The Solution:  CRG/Rabin formed a strategic partnership to develop an overall plan which included strategies, checks & balances, milestones, Regional command centers were set up on East and West coasts as well as the Mid-West. Multiple auction sale teams were dispatched from each regional center. Each Penske service center was inventoried and cataloged, and regional auction sales of 6 to 12 Penske Service Centers within a 75 mile radius were set up and prepared for auction sale.  One Penske service center in each region was opened as a model for inspection. The personal property (equipment) from all the Penske facilities involved in each regional sale was auctioned via digital presentation from one central location.   Each team sold an average of 12 centers per day, six days per week. Teams consisting of equipment removal supervisors and local qualified licensed contractors followed each auction team as they moved from region to region to ensure timely removal of equipment and cleanup of each service center. The Result:  All equipment in each service center was sold with all the facilities emptied in 48 selling days, entire project completed on schedule, with no unresolved discrepancies or litigation, and over $10,000,000.00 in gross auction sale proceeds collected.