Working for the government in a post 911 world….

Bechtel National was hired by the US Department of Defense to construct the largest mustard gas neutralization and disposal plant in the world, to be located at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland.  The design was developed as a two phase project.  Phase II began just prior to September 11, 2001.  Following the attacks in NY, DC, and PA, the government ordered an abrupt halt to all construction, and ordered Phase II equipment to be decommissioned and sold.  Following a 1 year application and screening project, CRG was hired to complete the project.

The Challenge: To conduct a public auction sale of a diverse composition of machinery and equipment, in various stages of installation, on a highly secured US Army base, with extremely stringent limitations and restrictions on access, and to guarantee proceeds.

The Solution:  CRG worked directly with officials from the US DOD and Bechtel National to develop and implement a complex, pre-screening, security clearance, and registration plan for all interested auction buyers.  We directed a series of inspections over a two day period, each guided by DOD and Bechtel personnel.  The auction was held at a remote location, by digital presentation, and simulcast live over the internet.  CRG organized and supervised a complex schedule of pickups by pre-screened and cleared riggers.

The Result: Over 150 registered buyers were pre-qualified, with full security clearance.  Auction proceeds well exceeded the guarantee, all items were picked up without incident, and CRG has been hired by Bechtel National to conduct two more auction sales on their behalf.